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Review: Rainbow: A First Book of Pride by Michael Genhart

book review Jun 24, 2024

Michael Genhart's Rainbow: A First Book of Pride is a colorful and inclusive book about the rainbow Pride Flag. This preschool/early elementary book is full of bright and beautiful colors and joyful and diverse families.


Image credit: Magination Press


Right from the start, this book is a journey of discovery. It enlightens readers about the significance of each colored stripe in the rainbow Pride flag, fostering a deeper understanding of the LGBTQ+ community.


"Orange is healing" (p.10).


In addition to learning the flag's colors, each picture shows families showing love for each other. We see parents loving their children and children showing love for their parents.


"Rainbows are so colorful and beatiful, nature's way of smiling at us all. Rainbow flags are happy too. They celebrate love, hope, diversity, and acceptance" (p.26).


What's more beautiful is that all kinds of families are represented throughout the book's pages. The families in the book come in all combinations and colors, just like the rainbow.


At 28 pages, Rainbow: A First Book of Pride is a quick and easy read. It's simple enough for a young child to understand, making it a perfect gift for an expecting parent. The publisher, Magination Press, is a registered trademark of the American Psychological Association. Their "books reach young readers and their parents and caregivers to make navigating life's challenges a little easier."


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