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Hi, I’m Beth, and I'm the parent of two transgender young adults.  I help parents of teens and young adults who’ve just found out their child is transgender to find answers and support by offering them compassion, shared experiences, and resources so that they can have hope that both they and their child will be okay.


“Thank you for setting up this valuable safe place for parents and those we love who are part of the LGBTQ community.”



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Have you just learned your child is transgender? Here are some posts to get you started.

Your Transgender Child Is Not a Different Person

The only thing that changed when your child came out as transgender was their outward appearance and maybe their name and pronouns. Inside, they are the same person they have always been. It's your thinking about who they are that has changed.

Your Grief Is Not About Your Child Being Transgender

It feels like your grief is about your child, but it is in fact about you and your feelings of loss and sadness. Uncovering the source of your grief can cause you more heartache and pain, but is essential in helping you move forward.

When You Struggle To Relate To Other Parents

Are you finding it hard to relate to other parents since your child came out as transgender? Or are you finding that other parents are not relating to you? Unless someone has experienced a child coming out as transgender, they can't understand what it is like. 


Learning your child is transgender can feel lonely, but you don’t have to go at it alone.

In this self-paced course, you will get the tools you need to support yourself so that you can better support your child. By the time  you have completed the course, you will know what it means for your child to be transgender and for you to the parent of a transgender child. 

Image is a rectangle, split on the diagonal, half turquoise and half pink. There are white words along the left side in cursive that read faith with white hearts coming off of them. The words Navigating Church After Your Child Comes Out are in white across the center of the image.
Navigating Church After Your Child Comes Out Mini-Course

The tools you need to move forward in your faith community after your child comes out.

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Navigating the Holidays

The tools you need to survive the first holiday season after your child comes out.

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