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Review: Uncle Bobby’s Wedding by Sarah S. Brannen

Sarah S. Brannen’s Uncle Bobby’s Wedding is a heart-warming and inspiring story about family and the power of love. This preschool/early elementary grade picture book features Chloe and her favorite Uncle Bobby. When Uncle Bobby announces he’s going to marry his boyfriend, Jamie, everyone is happy for him except Chloe.

Photo Credit: Little Bee Books

It’s not Jamie that Chloe is upset about. Chloe doesn’t think Uncle Bobby will have time for her once he gets married.

“But I still don’t think you should get married. I want us to keep having fun together like always.”

Uncle Bobby tells Chloe that they will still have fun together. What’s more important, he shows her. Uncle Bobby and Jamie invite Chloe along on all kinds of adventures. Jamie showed Chloe how much fun he could be, too. Chloe soon realized Uncle Bobby and Jamie were twice as much fun.

“I wish both of you were my uncles,” said Chloe.

The story goes on to show how one excited little girl and two very happy Uncles celebrate an extraordinary day. It’s beautifully illustrated and a very age-appropriate way to introduce children to the idea that marriage can look different than just a man and a woman.

At 32 pages, Uncle Bobby’s Wedding is perfect to read-aloud or read-along with and would make a charming addition to your at-home or classroom library. The publisher, Little Bee Books, is an imprint of Bonnier Publishing USA. Through a partnership with GLAAD, a portion of the proceeds of all sales are donated to accelerating LGBTQ acceptance.

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