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Spring Cleaning: Organizing Your Schedule

Spring Cleaning: Organizing a Schedule

Once I have my list of rooms printed, and an end date in mind, I begin to create my schedule. I have done this in two ways: the first was to print blank monthly calendar pages from the Internet, and assign rooms to each week. The other was to list out the rooms, and then assign dates to them. Both ways work equally well, and sometimes I use both methods together. I find in the fall, when I am want all my cleaning done before Thanksgiving, a list in my Bullet Journal helps with my planning.  When the calendar is posted on the bulletin board, it helps my husband know what we have coming up on the horizon.

Spring Cleaning: Organizing a Schedule

As I shared in my last post, I usually start in April with the upstairs of my house, once the heat is turned off. We work through the bedrooms, hall, and bathroom, and by the time those rooms are finished, we are able to move downstairs into the non-heated spaces. I have found that there is no sense in cleaning rooms while the heat is still on. Obviously, this doesn’t hold true in the fall, but in the fall you are washing away the grime of summer, so it’s a little different. As I assign rooms to dates, I consider activities, and room sizes. As you can see from the above list,  and you will see in the schedule below, some rooms in my house are automatically paired with other rooms, and this is due to their size and/or location. In the past, I have been able to dedicate entire weekends to cleaning and I would clean my dining room one day and my front room the next, as they are adjacent to each other. Think about the flow of your house, and what makes sense for you.

Spring Cleaning: Organizing a Schedule in Your Bullet Journal

This year, it was almost the end of April and I realized I had not started my spring cleaning yet. In fact, I hadn’t even begun to plan for it. I was almost finished raking my yard, however, which I considered to be a huge win at the time. I created the above schedule with the end goal of having a family cookout the weekend of June 11th. Because of that, my cleaning schedule looks a little crazy. I also have a break between college terms the week of June 6-11th, which is why so many rooms are slated to be cleaned that week. Normally I would plan for one room a week, and have a much saner looking schedule.

As you can see, it’s June 3rd, and my cleaning schedule is not on task. In past years, I would be stressing out about this big time. Being a recovering perfectionist, I am working hard at letting things like this go. That’s not to say that it is always easy, but there are some things that are out of my control. This past term I had a huge project to work on for college that took every spare minute of the time I was not working or sleeping, and in the fringe hours that I was not working on it, spring cleaning was the last thing I wanted to be doing. In fact, I let go of the family cookout as well. One thing I’m learning this year is that self-care is important, and so I gave myself permission to rethink how I’m going to go about my cleaning this year, being I normally start fall cleaning in September. Instead of cleaning my whole house top to bottom, I am going to clean my porch, my pantry, and my bathrooms. I am going to wash all my furniture (each week I dry dust it), wash and vacuum all my floors – moving the things that can be moved – and do my baseboards and door frames. Everything else is going to wait until fall. Is it perfect? Not at all. It is a compromise for this season of my life, and I am okay with that.


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