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Self Care: Organizing your Hobbies in a Bullet Journal

Once you have decided what you want to engage in for hobbies and leisure activities as part of your self-care routine, you will need a way to keep your activities organized. I like to use my Bullet Journal, as it allows me to keep track of everything all in one place.

Using a Bullet Journal for Hobbies and Leisure

At the start of each year I decide on a list of books that I intend to read during the course of the year and I make a list of them in the front of my Bullet Journal. I go through more than one journal in the course of a year, so in the second journal, which I just started in June, I create a layout of books I have finished reading. The list of books I want to read stays in my first Bullet Journal, I do not transfer it over to the new one. At the end of the year, I will compare the two lists and determine if there are any books that I didn’t get to, and decide if I still want to read them. If so, they will go on my “Books to Read” list for next year.

My Bullet Journal has come in very handy in organizing my knitting projects. I just completed a little overhaul project in my craft room, and one of the things I did was to corral all my knitting projects together. I began with the ones I have the yarn and patterns for, but haven’t begun knitting yet. I took gallon-size Ziplock bags and placed the yarn, pattern, and any notions I had purchased already such as buttons into the bag. I wrote the name of the pattern on the outside of the bag, then sorted them by type: adult and infant/child. In my Bullet Journal I created a list of projects by age group, starting with the ones I haven’t begun yet. I made a note of the pattern name, the yarn brand and color, the needle sizes and any notions required.

Using a Bullet Journal to Organize Hobbies and Leisure

Next, I created a list of all the projects I currently have on the needles, or in progress. These projects are in various stages of completion, as I have been recovering from a wrist injury since early December. I followed the same strategy as I did for the projects I haven’t begun yet, however I included the needles, stitch markers, stitch holders, tape measurers, and any other items necessary to knit the project into the Ziplock bag.

Using a Bullet Journal to Organize Hobbies and Leisure

I knit more baby/child items than adult items, as they are quicker to work up, and therefore I have more planned and in progress. I am undecided about creating a page for my adult projects. My first thought was no, that I would just work on these, being that it is already June, and I would like to have them all be finished projects. My next thought is that even if I don’t get to them now, or even until sometime next year, at least they will be documented somewhere, and that is a good enough reason right there. So I will create a page for each, on the next blank page of my Bullet Journal.

You can easily adapt this idea to any hobby or leisure activity you engage in. When my IT Band heals and I can begin running again, I will have to start from scratch and will follow the Couch to 5K training routine one more time. I plan to map that out in my Bullet Journal so I can document my progress, instead of using my calendar like I did all those years ago. Instagram and Pinterest are full of ideas to get you started if you are stuck for how to incorporate your specific hobby or leisure activity into your Bullet Journal, just type in the name of your activity followed by “and Bullet Journaling”, and hit search.

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