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Seasonal Decorating: Storage

The thing about having seasonal decor is that you need to have somewhere to store it.

Seasonal Decor: Storage

Our house has a big, beautiful attic, but it is completely useless to us. Once upon a time, there  used to be a full set of walk-up stairs to access it. I know this because my neighbor across the street has the exact same “original” house as we do (our additions are different), just mirrored. However, someone over the last 170 years decided it was a good idea to take the stairs out and install a hatch access in the ceiling of our bedroom instead. If you’ve never had the experience of trying to carry anything up one of these rickety stairs/ladders, you aren’t missing out. Trust me.

Storing Seasonal Decorations

Fortunately for us, due to the above mentioned additions, we have an equally quirky area above a room that connects our kitchen to our barn/garage. The room used to be a wood shed that was in between the main house and the barn. Then the house was expanded out to the wood shed to include what is now our kitchen. This space off our kitchen that has a set of stairs going up to what looks like a little attic. It has a doorway that opens into a bedroom, which comes in handy as an emergency exit, and someone installed shelving in there, that while not the most attractive set up, works great for my storage needs.

Storing Holiday Decorations

Whatever space you use, it is important that you keep  your things organized. I like to keep mine organized by season. All my Christmas stuff is along the left wall, because that is what I have the most of. I have three trees (don’t judge me), two of which are in large totes at the far end of the room. The rest of my decorations are organized by room. Sorting my decor by this was a game changer for me. It made decorating my house easier, and it makes bringing the decorations down easier. Each tub is labeled with a sharpie marker that indicates what room it belongs in, or what is inside it. On of those tubs contains a basket of holiday books, and another contains the boxes for my nativity. In addition, one tub contains snowmen/winter stuff for after Christmas is over. It makes more sense in my mind to keep all those items together. Because I inherited some of those tubs, they are a mis-match of colors. In my ideal world, they would all be red and green to indicate they are for Christmas. Because I am trying to overcome my perfectionist tendencies, I have decided this is not something that is important enough to me to bother replacing them. However, as our decor collection downsizes, I have replaced some larger tubs with smaller ones and those are red and green as you you can see in the back.

Seasonal Storage: Ornament Boxes

Our ornaments are all stored in ornament boxes. Each tree has its own box, as do each of my children. When they leave home, they will get to take their ornament boxes with them to begin the decorating of their own tree. In addition, each tree has two more tubs for larger, more awkward ornaments and toppers, which are the clear tubs with green covers further back on the purple tubs in the photo above this.

Seasonal Storage: Hot Spots

Every good storage system has its flaw, and mine revolves around these wreaths, the outdoor lights, and my husband. How it usually works is that the wreaths come down off the house, and get stored on top of those last two stacks of tubs. The lights are supposed to get wrapped up and placed into a shopping bag and go in between the stacks of wreaths. However, this year we didn’t put the lights up on the fence, so I’m not sure where they lived during the holidays, and my husband’s theory about the wreaths on the floor is “good enough”, because at least they are stacked neat. He means well.

Storing Seasonal Decor by Holiday

On the other side of the space is where the shelves are. The front end, closest to the stairs is where I store my decorations. The shelving is an awkward size so I had to make do with whatever would fit. I had a neighbor years ago who sold Avon and she gave me boxes that fit on the top shelf perfectly. That is what I use to store my spring and summer decorations in. Next to those boxes I have my wreaths. The two large green totes are where I store fall and Easter decor. I don’t decorate for Halloween. I decorate my house for fall around the middle of September, and it stays that way until the day after Thanksgiving. The stuff in the middle is decor and items for our summer cookout. There are also some drink tubs on the shelf behind them. We have a cookout at the end of June/ around the fourth of July each year, so we do a patriotic theme and I have table cloths, paper goods etc. stored in those totes.

I’ve found that the key is to store items by season or holiday, and to make sure your storage area is well organized. If you can’t get at your items or the whole area is a mess, you will not feel motivated to bother with decorating your home.




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