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Seasonal Decorating: Keeping Yourself Organized in a Bullet Journal

Have you ever decorated an area of your house and really liked how it came out? Then, told yourself that you’ll remember how you had it set  up the next time  you go to do it again. If you are anything like I am, that next time comes around, and you stare at your decorations trying to recall just where it was you had them set up that you loved so much the last time.

Who has time for that?

Using a Bullet Journal to Aid in Your Seasonal Decorating

I sure don’t, so I have begun using my bullet journal to help in my seasonal decorating endeavors. I started with what was working and not working with the decorating I did this summer. I thought about making detailed notes about what went where and how it was set up and then I got a grip. I made brief notes instead that will (hopefully) trigger my memory of where things went and how they were set up.

Planning for Upcoming Seasonal Decor in a Bullet Journal

Another thing I thought might be handy  is to brainstorm about the upcoming season. This was a little harder because I had to rely on my memory of what I had in my fall decorating bin. Last year I did a big purge so I may have already disposed of some things on my discard list.

Holiday Planning in a Bullet Journal

Finally, I did a little planning ahead for the holidays. I have three godchildren who I buy ornaments for every year. When it comes time to shop each fall, I find myself standing in the Hallmark store wishing I had remembered to make note of the ornaments I had previously purchased for each child. I plan to get in touch with their parents to start my list and then I will keep up with it going forward.

Once we get closer to Christmas I plan to do a whole series on how to plan for the holidays in a bullet journal. Be sure to check back in a few months if you are interested, or you could subscribe and be notified by email of new posts. The link is on the upper right section of the page.




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