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Summer Vacation: How to Survive a Rainy Day

How to Survive a Rainy Day During Your Summer Vacation

It’s been a wet June here in southwestern NH. While we are on the tail end of a three-day heatwave, thunder is booming outside my window and rain is pouring down. Rain can ruin the best laid vacation plan.

It doesn’t have to. The best way to deal with rain during your vacation is to plan for it.

  1. Research your destination. If you are going away on a vacation and all your activities involve outdoor things or events, inevitably it will rain and you’ll be stuck scrambling what to do to fill that time. Research where you are going, and have a back up plan of activities that are inside. Does the location have a movie theater? How about a bowling alley? Are there museums or places of interest you could visit? Don’t forget about shopping as a last resort. You may not need to rely on any of these activities, but it’s nice to know about them just in case. As a side note, if the weather ends up being a scorcher, these types of places usually have air conditioning as well.
  2. Book a sight-seeing tour. This tip won’t work for every vacation or destination, but if the place you are visiting offers sight-seeing tours, these are a great way to fill a rainy day. Sure, sometimes they let you off to visit stops along the way, but most are just bus tours that include lots of talking and listening. Bring your camera and a raincoat and enjoy the sights.
  3. Create a rainy-day bucket. Fill a large tote with a few games, puzzles, coloring books, craft activities and assorted other items that only comes out on rainy days during vacation. This gives your kids something to do and allows you a chance to read a book, have a conversation, or, if your kids are old enough, sneak in a nap. Don’t forget to pack it when you travel if you aren’t flying, and consider a “travel version” that you could take with you when you do. The key here is to not over use the bucket. If it becomes to common, the thrill of use is diminished and then everyone loses interest.
  4. Visit the library. Most libraries offer out of town passes, or consider just spending an afternoon reading and relaxing, and leaving the books behind. The libraries that I have been to offer board games, internet, and other kid-friendly activities, especially during the summer.
  5. Fall back on traditional rainy day activities. Bring along a deck of cards. Build blanket forts with the extra bedding and pillows. Consider adding a few flashlights to your luggage with those cards, and  teach your kids how to make shadow puppets. If all else fails, there is always wi-fi and Netflix.


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