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Organizing Fall Cleaning in Your Bullet Journal

Creating a Fall Cleaning Schedule in a Bullet Journal

Much like with my spring cleaning, I like to create a schedule for my fall cleaning. I start by creating a list of all the rooms in my house, written in no particular order.

Fall Cleaning Planning in a Bullet Journal

Once I have that list made, I have a look at my future planning layout, and pull all the items off it that I know are going to interfere with weekend fall cleaning days. As an online college student with a Sunday night deadline for assignments, I know that I will spend some of my weekend doing school work, and some of it on fall cleaning. I also know that if I have a major event during that week day (such as on Sept. 6) that is going to take away from getting school work done, I need to allow for extra work time on the following weekend.

I also know that I have to fit in raking, mowing the lawn, cleaning and storing the lawn furniture, and tidying up the barn (that has to be done before the lawn furniture gets stored). Raking the yard gets done over a few weekends, and sometimes in the afternoon as a break from doing school work. We don’t have a big yard, but we have a lot of large maple trees.

Creating a Fall Cleaning Schedule in a Bullet Journal

Next, I look at the calendar for the rest of the year. My goal is to be finished cleaning by the weekend before Thanksgiving. I know when my dates to be aware of are, and I know how many rooms I need to get cleaned. From there, it’s a matter of plotting out when each room will get taken care of. I also know that I have a week off between school terms, and during that week I will work on cleaning my craft room, so as to free up a weekend. I have an event to attend the last weekend of October, and my husband will work on cleaning his radio room that weekend.

Creating a Fall Cleaning Schedule in a Bullet Journal

I add in dates for when I want to clean each room, starting with the rooms/areas that are outdoors or unheated. I also plan for small rooms or easy to clean spaces on weekends when we have other events to attend or I know I have big school projects due. My kids are both in college, and I don’t clean their rooms anymore. That is their responsibility, which is why there is a dash next to those two rooms.

Fall Cleaning in a Bullet Journal

Finally, as we work through the list, I put an x through the dot next to the room name. This keeps us on track with our cleaning, and it also allows us to swap out rooms if we need to, and know that we’ve already done a room if it’s scheduled for a different date.

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2 thoughts on “Organizing Fall Cleaning in Your Bullet Journal

  1. I have to say I’ve been loving your organizational suggestions and posts. For me it’s all about putting it into action…. Haven’t quite gotten there yet! But I’m loving the idea of the bullet journal. 😊

    1. Jenn,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and comment. Let me know if you have any questions about bullet journaling. I’d be happy to help! <3 B

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