JPB Editing and Critique Services


As writers, it’s often hard for us to edit and critique our works. We know how our stories play out, and our brains fill in missing words or incomplete ideas as we read and re-write and read again.

“There is no great writing, only great rewriting.” ― Justice Louis Brandeis

It’s helpful to have a second set of eyes to read and review our writing when it’s complete. This way, when we are ready to submit our work to an agent, a publisher, a literary magazine, or hit publish on that blog post, we know that what we put forward is the best we have to offer.

I offer editing and critique services on several levels, from basic proofreading to general editing services, to detailed line editing, as well as content/developmental editing of essays and longer manuscripts.

In my critiques, I will offer feedback on where your writing is strongest and how to build upon these strengths, as well as identify areas for growth and improvement and suggestions for how to build on these skills. I also include corrections in grammar, punctuation, and word use, with suggestions for how to polish and tighten your work.

I hold an MA in English and Creative Writing and a BA in Creative Writing and English, with minors in both Communications and Professional Writing. I have seven years of experience in critiquing and editing the works of others, especially on the following types of projects:

  • Personal and literary essays
  • Short Stories
  • Full-length novels
  • Blog posts and website copy
  • Query letters
  • Academic writing

Here's what my clients have said about my services: 

Working with Beth was such a pivotal decision when developing my manuscript. She’s a beautiful person and truly impeccable with all things words. She provided content and developmental editing and also line-edits and grammar. I would forward her my manuscript, and she’d work her magic and send it back to me promptly. Beth understood my story and goals, and she made suggestions that helped me grow as a writer. I’m forever grateful for her guidance and so proud of the work we did together!

~ Angela Sue Garvey, Author, Tiny Homes & Tummy Tucks, A Spiritual Downsizing 

Beth is the best! When it comes to editing one’s work, she thoroughly reads through it multiple times, meticulously proofreading for grammar, spelling, and context issues. Her edits, suggestions, and advice are always a large boost to the betterment of the piece. She is passionate about always giving it her very best effort; you don’t have to worry about a thing! She is honest, dependable, and possesses a unique ability to polish one’s manuscript to the brightest it could possibly be. I honestly give her five out of five and would recommend her to anyone who needs a trustworthy editor.

~ Janelle D.

Beth’s ability to help me revise my writing helped turned my creative nonfiction piece on MS from an assignment for class, to a piece that could be submitted to a health magazine for publication. Beth was able to help me pare down unnecessary elements to reveal clean and clear writing. Her edits were given in way that provided an honest critique without harshness.

~ Rushie M.

Beth is such a delight to work with. Her thorough attention to details and structure make her a great person to partner with in any type of literary work. I appreciate her honesty and suggestions as I know they will bring forth depth to my writing without losing my own voice. She is my go-to girl time and time again!

~ Jennifer T.

Beth has a knack for detail and catching the rough edges of a piece. She offers constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

~Christina T.

Rates are tailored to each individual project. For an inquiry and to see if we would be a good fit to work together, email me at [email protected]