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Bullet Journaling: Sources of Inspiration

Bullet Journaling: Favorite Sources of Inspiration

Today, I’m wrapping up my series on Bullet Journaling with a look at where I pull my inspiration from. If you are just joining in, you can find my post about how I use Bullet Journaling here, and my favorite supplies here. Getting started with Bullet Journaling can feel a little overwhelming, and it’s important to go slow, and find your own style. In the meantime, save the ideas that you like, and give them a try, one at a time. I like to try something new for a month. If, after that time, I find it’s not working out, then discard it and move on. It takes time to learn what will and will not work for you. After two years, I finally *almost* have planner peace. Give yourself grace to make mistakes, and  experiment with different things. Most of all, have fun.


First, if you haven’t been to Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal site, start there. Read about the system, watch the video, and then check out his blog. He regularly features articles from other Bullet Journal users who are engaging with the system very well.

My girl Kara over at Boho Berry  is an amazing source of inspiration. She has a blog, a YouTube channel, and an amazing Instagram feed. If you are interested in how to merge Bullet Journaling and Getting Things Done by David Allen, check out this post. Kara and I use a lot of very similar methods when it comes to merging GTD and Bullet Journaling, which says something about how well they pair together.

Kim, over at Tiny Ray of Sunshine has Bullet Journaling down to an art. She works closely with Ryder, and is regularly featured on his website. She has a beautiful Pinterest page, and is a regular poster on Instagram as well.

Jess over at Pretty Prints and Paper has a beautiful website. She posts about planning for daily and education purposes, along with offering handwriting tips and tricks. She does hand lettering tutorials on her YouTube channel, and also has a lovely Instagram feed.


Speaking of Instagram, it is a wealth of ideas in inspiration. Some of the hashtags you want to search for are #BulletJournal, #bujo, #bulletjournaling, #bujojunkies, #planner, #planneraddict, #plannernerd, #bulletjournaljunkies, #plannergirl, and a few more that I am sure I’m missing. That should get your started however.

In addition to the lovely ladies I mentioned above, also check out:





The best tip I have, is to scroll the photos in the search, and then follow users who have a style that matches your own, or who share photos that portray a style you would like to have.


I love Pinterest. I was first drawn to it, because it is like a virtual scrapbook. I love that instead of just bookmarking links, I can save a photo of the thing I want to save. I am such a visual person. Pinterest is a wealth of inspiration for Bullet Journaling. Just type “Bullet Journal” into the search, and you can be there all day. Or, you can start with these boards and maybe just lose a few hours.

This is my journaling board. It lives on my page, which is dedicated to all things pen, paper, and writing, which is up over there in the right sidebar. Feel free to follow any, or all.

Bullet Journal Junkies: this page is a collaboration of Bullet Journal users; last count was upwards of 32 thousand. Once you get to the page, if you want to be a contributor, you just need to follow the directions at the top. However, you can follow the board, or pin to your heart’s content in the meantime.

Show me Your Planner: this is a fun page of all sorts of planner related things. There is a lot of overlap between pages found on Pinterest, and the Bullet Journal Junkies page, so really, I would start there. Good luck!

I hope you enjoyed this series on getting started with Bullet Journaling. There is a large, wonderful community of people who are more than happy to help you, or answer any questions you have as you get started. Remember, the process is as much a part of the journey as the destination. Enjoy it.


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  1. Thank you for posting all of the Pinterest goodies!! I have really only uses Instagram for my bujo goodies so far!! I’m definitely going to stare at these Pins for a while!! 😉

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