Organized and Productive Living

31 Days of Organized Living

31 Days of Organized Living

Let me let you in on a little secret. I’ve been a blogger since 2005. I started out on a platform I can’t even remember, and then when I began using a MAC in March of that year, I moved over to blogger where I wrote until February of this year. That blog is what blogs started out to be, an online personal journal. I mostly wrote it for me and I’m not sure who all even read it, nor do I care.

Every October, however, I would attempt to participate in Write 31 Days, an online writing challenge where you write a blog post for the entire month of October. Every October I failed at it. Want to know why? I forgot the key element to the challenge, which was to pick a topic. Rookie mistake.

This October I will be blogging a short post each day about organized living. You can expect to find one photo and a few paragraphs about some aspect of living an organized life. You may find that some of the items I share about I have briefly mentioned during other posts on the blog, and if that turns out to be the case, I will link back to those posts so you can read more about them.

You should not expect lengthy blog posts during October, nor will I be doing any posts about how I incorporate all of this into my bullet journal. I will resume a regular blogging schedule in November. If you want to be notified of when posts go live you can do several things: subscribe to the blog, follow me on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram. Or, you can just check in here every day. I am going to be (hopefully) posting in the morning (EST). I hope you’ll join me.

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