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31 Days of Organized Living: You Can Always Shut the Door


You Can Always Shut the Door Allie Brennan said, “Sometimes opposites attract, and find out they’re not as opposite as they thought.”

Being an organized person can have a downside. You may live with people who are, let’s say, less committed to being organized than you are. They might be children who haven’t been properly trained in the ways of being tidy (but let’s not kid ourselves, not many children are tidy by nature). They might be teenagers who have stopped caring about your rules about clean rooms and tidy ways. They might be roommates who have lower standards of cleanliness than you do. They could even be people you vowed to love for the rest of your days, through thick and thin, messy ways or not.

Take heart.

There is a scientific theory that says something to the effect that like attracts like, and eventually when one person adopts certain habits or behaviors, the people in their immediate surroundings are likely to follow suit. So if you start a healthy eating plan, the people in your house might begin eating healthier. If you start exercising, your children will notice and adopt more movement into their days. And, believe it or not, if you hold out long enough, even the messiest housemates can eventually reform their ways and learn to be more organized; even if it takes twenty-one years.

And, in the meantime, if you give them their own space, you can always shut the door.

Thank you for joining me on this thirty-one day organization adventure. I hope you stick around to see what’s coming next.

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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Organized Living: You Can Always Shut the Door

  1. Awesome job on the 31 day challenge! I loved reading your great and sound advice every day! I’m gonna miss it! Haha. I know it was a feat, so congratulations on your completion – even though it’s just the beginning of great things to come!!

    1. Thanks. I didn’t forget about your question either. I just couldn’t bring myself to post yesterday! It’s in the works for today though. (Thursday 11/3).

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