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31 Days of Organized Living: Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box When Organizing

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how your organize your belongings in your own home. There are no organization police that are going to show up at your door and tell you, “You can’t store that item in that manner, because that’s now how it’s done.” How it’s done is however you want it to be done, plain and simple.

Look around your house at items you already have on hand before heading out to the store to buy something new to organize with. Can you use what you have in a different way? Just because an item was intended for one use doesn’t mean that is what it has to be used for. Think outside the box.

This pitcher belonged to my mother. I remember how happy it made her when she bought it and how much joy it brought her apartment while she owned it. Although it didn’t match my decorating style at the time, when she asked me what I would like to have before she left for Maryland, I asked if I could have this pitcher. For several years it sat as a decorative piece in our guest room, and while I enjoyed it because it reminded me of my mother, I didn’t love it. It ended up becoming the color inspiration for when we remodeled our guest room into a craft room, and now it sits on top of my storage cubes, keeping my knitting needles safe from the reach of my cats. Now I love it. It’s functional and pretty and unique. Every time I walk into the room and see it there, with all of my needles blooming out of it, I’m reminded of how much joy the pitcher brought my mother, which makes it even more special.

So rethink the purpose of everyday items. Can they be used in another manner? Do you have sentimental items that are just taking up space that could be used in more efficient way, which could also add joy to their use?

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