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31 Days of Organized Living: Store Nuts and Seeds in Dark Containers

Store Nuts and Seeds in Dark Jars To Prevent Them From Going Rancid

Most product packaging is not designed for people like me, who like to stock up or plan ahead. It is designed for people who like to consume an item and then purchase it again when they need it. If that is you, that’s quite okay. We are all wired differently and that is what makes the world such an interesting place.

The absolute best place to store nuts and seeds long term is in the freezer. After that you want to think about the fridge. The only seeds I store in my fridge are hemp seeds and chia seeds, and any seeds or nuts that have been ground. The rest I store in a cabinet or the pantry. If you do as well, then you want to use an airtight, opaque jar. A few years ago Ball released purple canning jars that are perfect for this purpose. The dark glass prevents the nuts and seeds from going rancid as quickly as they would in a clear jar.

In addition to the dark jar, I like to keep unpackaged nuts and seeds inside a cabinet instead of out on an open pantry shelf. This adds an additional layer of darkness which helps keep the items fresher longer. Because the jars are dark, I use a white label to indicate what is inside each jar.

On a side note, I also store dried fruit in these same dark jars. I find that they stay fresher longer than in the plastic packages or cardboard tubs they originally come in. The glass jars also prevents all these items from taking on scents from other food items stored in the kitchen or pantry.


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