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31 Days of Organized Living: Sort Holiday Decor by Person

Sort Holiday Ornaments by Person

If you look past the Halloween decor around early-mid October, you will start to notice stores pulling out holiday decor. They sneak it in around the fringe edges of the seasonal department, usually starting with lights and outside decorations; things no one is typically paying attention to.

The next department that begins to implement holiday items is the home improvement/housewares section where they keep all the storage containers.

One of the best tips I have for parents is to purchase an ornament and storage bucket for each of your children when they are young. Put their name on the outside of each container with a Sharpie marker. Each year as they acquire decorations or ornaments as gifts from either you or others, add those to their individual containers.

When your child is ready to move into their own space (I know, but it will happen and it will be a good thing), they will have a tub full of decorations and ornaments to get them started. It also allows them to be able to help decorate with their own ornaments as they grow. This not only helps them feel included, but it also teaches them which ornaments on the tree are theirs and makes them feel special when they see them hanging amongst the others.

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