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31 Days of Organized Living: Organize by Color

Organize by Color

There are a lot of “camps” surrounding how you should organizing everything from clothes to books to crafting materials, and I don’t believe that any one is better than the other. I’m going to share with you my favorite way to organize, which may not be your favorite way, but that’s OK.

It also may be a way that you have never considered organizing things before, and you may find that you actually really enjoy it. Then my purpose for being here will have been served.

Organizing by color serves two purposes. First, and most obvious, it allows you to use and find items based on their color. If I decide I want to wear a red tank top to work tomorrow, but then have to go digging through my entire wardrobe to find it, that’s not an efficient use of time. If my clothes are sorted by type and then by color, I can quickly find the top I am looking for. Similarly, if I am in my craft room and decide I want to make a birthday card for my nephew, instead of sorting through a giant container of every paper brad I own looking for four blue ones that match, I can pull down my jar of blue embellishments and go from there.

The second reason is because it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It also adds visual interest. I would like to point out that while I have my embellishments in a rainbow order on the shelves, I’m not advocating that method of organization. You can go dark to light, light to dark, group warm colors and cool colors, or use whatever other method of color grouping you would like. You could even have a random assortment of groups, with no identifiable pattern. My clothing goes dark to light, and not even across the clothing rod, but within each different clothing category. It’s all about making it work for you.


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