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31 Days of Organized Living: Keep Your Cookbooks Accessible

Keep Your Cookbooks Accessible

The experts will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but dinner is the meal that more people devote the most time and energy into preparing. It is also the one meal that many families sit down and enjoy together, so it makes sense that it should get the most attention.

It can be easy to fall into a rut when it comes to dinner planning and fall back on the same recipes time and time again. I did a few blog posts several months back about meal planning that you can read about here,  and here. One way you can ensure that your dinner routine doesn’t grow stale is to keep your cookbooks out in plain sight where you can see them.

This may require some creative thinking on your part, as not everyone has an open shelf in their kitchen, or a pretty countertop with enough room to store a cookbook collection on. I solved this problem by storing my cookbook collection in those cabinets right above my oven. You know the ones; they often house cereal containers and other assorted breakfast items,  or snack foods, or random things that you don’t know what to do with. Clear the food items out and put them into your pantry, decide if you really need those random things and give them a better home, and put that space to a more practical use.

I went so far as to take the doors off of my cabinets, and when I renovate my kitchen (or move and start over with a kitchen), I will put in a set of open cabinets or shelves in that space for the same purpose. First, it’s a nice decorative feature, and second it’s easy to grab a cookbook and get to work when dinner rolls around. It also makes me mindful of how many cookbooks I own. If I discover that a cookbook is no longer suiting my needs, or I haven’t used it as often as I thought I would, I take the recipes I want out of it, and pass it along to someone else. Having less cookbooks means I’m using the ones I do have more, which means I’m cooking food we really enjoy.

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