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31 Days of Organized Living: Keep Frequently Used Items Within Reach

Keep Frequently Used Items Within Reach

Go to the place you spend the most time doing creative work in. This could be your office, your kitchen, a nook you’ve carved out for yourself in the living room; where ever you go to do the thing that makes your heart sing.

Are you there yet? Good. Now sit or stand in the spot where you do that creative work, and have a look around. Take a good, slow look. I’ll wait.

Are the items you use most to do that creative work within your reach, or do you have to constantly open and close drawers or cubbies or packages to get at them? How much time do you spend searching for that thing that you know is “right in here” or “should be right over here” or was “right there last time I saw it”?

Think about what you could change to make your creative time more efficient. This works for non-creative things also. At my job I use a lot of sticky notes and paper clips. Guess what I have in decorative dishes on my desk? I also have a dish with a chapstick, an inhaler, and and a thumb drive on my desk. “That’s not practical” you’re thinking, but it is when you suddenly find you can’t breathe or you need to back up an important file really quick on your way out the door, because you’re late for an appointment and you need to finish whatever you were working on later.

The point is, whether it’s writing, or cooking, or sewing, or computing, or whatever makes your heart happy, you should organize your space so that the essentials are within reach at all times. Just in case the mood strikes and you want to get right to work on your next project.

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