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31 Days of Organization: Work With What You Have

Work With What You Have

Have you ever flipped through a magazine or visited a blog and found yourself wishing that you could have the perfect kitchen or garden or whatever the thing is that you were admiring on the screen/page? I know I have.

I also know that in this age of social media and online connectedness it is easy to get caught up in feeling “less than”, and that a person can quickly go into debt trying to “keep up with the Joneses”. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

Instead of making yourself crazy by trying to do what everyone else is doing, or keeping up with the latest fads and trends, use what you already have and discover your own style. Maybe that looks like storing your pens and markers in mason jars when everyone else is using fancy organizers from the container store. Or perhaps you borrow ideas you see from more expensive stores and DIY them with items you get from less expensive stores or with ones you already own.

Or maybe, like me,  you wish you had a beautiful laundry room with shelves and a sorting station and a utility sink for potting plants and big messy jobs you want to keep out of the kitchen. But instead your washer and dryer are tucked into an unfortunate spot, like say, in your kitchen in a cutout created by some stairs on the other side of the wall. So not only does this make doing laundry tricky, but it makes hanging a shelf  above the washer and dryer to store supplies impossible. What’s a person to do in a situation like this?

You can barely see it in the far top left of the photo, but the ceiling above the washer and dryer comes down at a slanted angle above the washer. In fact, we can’t even open the washer door all the way, which is not an ideal situation, but we make it work. So in order to store my detergent and other laundry supplies, I put a basket on top of my dryer. Inside the basket is a shallow box lid lined with a plastic bag to catch any drips and spills from the bottles of detergent, bleach, and other cleaner. The handles on the basket make it easy to move so that I can wipe down the dryer when I clean my kitchen.

It’s not my ideal scenario. I like having my washer and dryer on the first floor, but not in my kitchen, and not in such an odd space. I don’t like that I am not able to install a shelf to store laundry supplies above the machines, nor do I have an area for sorting clothes. But, I make it work. And, if we ever move, I have a whole slew of laundry room ideas saved on my Pinterest board. A girl can still dream, even if she’s being practical.

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