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31 Days of Organization: Store Your Cleaning Supplies Where You Use Them

Store Your Cleaning Supplies Where You Use Them

Fifteen years ago when we bought our house, I purchased one of those  Rubbermaid cleaning totes. You know, the ones with a handle –  that come with a promise of how much easier your cleaning will be when you can transport your supplies from place to place?

For fourteen years I lugged cleaning products I didn’t need up and down the stairs of my house, once a week, so that I could give my bathroom a thorough cleaning. Under the sink I kept a bottle of bathroom cleaner and a roll of paper towels so that I could do daily touch-ups, but the rest of my supplies lived downstairs above the cleaning cupboard in my pantry.

Early this year when I was spring cleaning my bathroom I had a revelation: why not keep the supplies I need to clean that bathroom IN that bathroom instead of downstairs? Friends, it was life changing. The first week I cleaned my bathroom when I had a few free minutes and the stuff was already there, I felt like a brilliant genius. Then, directly after, I had one of those “Why did it take me fourteen years to figure this out?” moments. It wasn’t pretty.

Be sure to keep your cleaning supplies safely away from small children and pets. My children are in college and storing supplies under the bathroom sink isn’t a cause for concern. You may need to store your supplies in a different place or utilize child safety materials.

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