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31 Days of Organization: Store it Out in the Open

Store it Out in the Open

What do you do when you have sparse kitchen storage and a pantry that is full to the brim? You get creative with your storage solutions. As I have mentioned in previous posts in this series, sometimes creative organization means thinking outside the box.

Think about the items you use most often in your cooking and baking. Are they easily accessible in your kitchen, or do you have them stashed away somewhere in the back of a cabinet, closet, or buried in your pantry?

My pantry is a small room off my family room, which is on the other side of my kitchen. So if I keep frequently used items in there, such as lentils and quinoa, I end up spending a lot of time going back and forth between the kitchen and pantry when I’m cooking. While that’s good for my step count, it doesn’t make for very efficient cooking.

Sometimes it’s as easy as moving in a storage piece that isn’t serving its usefulness in its current location. That’s what I did with the above shelf. I pulled it from my porch and put into my kitchen. I store assorted grains and different sugars in clear canning jars, which adds a decorative element as well.

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