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31 Days of Organization: Don’t Rush the Process

Don't Rush the Organization Process

We all have THOSE problem areas in our house.  Rooms that don’t work the way we want them too. Areas piled high with stuff. Closets full of extra things instead of clothes or coats. Pantries that contain everything from food to cleaning supplies to extra packages of paper towels.

It’s easy to catch the organization bug and jump head first into a big project, but quite often we run out of steam long before we finish or even hit the half-way point. Usually this is due to the fact that we didn’t spend enough (or any) time planning how we were going to approach the project before we started.

Myquillyn Smith, The Nester, has a wonderful theory about quieting the spaces in our homes. The idea behind it is that rooms can become noisy with clutter and things, even good things. She recommends emptying the room down to the furniture, and then letting it simmer for a few days. As you live in the space without all the stuff, you will eventually discover what things you want to add back in. The amount of things you add back will often be significantly less than what you started with.

The same idea can be applied to any organizational project. Sometimes you need to let  your projects simmer for a while before you move ahead with them. Maybe you gather all the things you need to organize together and put them in the space you would like them to be while you decide how best to store them. Or, maybe you move items out of one space, and let that space stay empty for a bit while you decide what you are going to use it for next.

I purchased the cart in the above photo at Target (they sell a similar one at IKEA , but it’s a bit more money and a much longer drive) to organize my planning supplies with. I like that it has wheels and a handle and I can move it between my office and my creative studio (they are next to each other). What I’m not sure about yet is how I’m going to organize it or what I’m going to store on it, and that’s okay. I’m letting it sit empty for a while and when the time is right I’ll figure it out.


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