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31 Days of Organization: Create Zones That Suit Your Needs In Spite of the Rooms They Are In

Create Zones That Work for Your Needs Even if They Don't Fit The Room They Are In

Decorating magazines and Pinterest will have you believe that every item in a room should fit the theme of, or fall into, the exact purpose of that room. Real life isn’t so neat and tidy, however, and sometimes you need to create zones within rooms to allow your home to work for you.

Maybe it’s a basket of toys in your living room. Or perhaps it’s a crate of workbooks that lives on a bench in your dining room. It could be an ironing board set up in your bedroom (by the way, I highly advise this, as it’s where your clothes are to begin with). Or you might need to have a play area for your kids in the kitchen to keep them busy while you cook dinner.

Last year we welcomed a new puppy into our home after being dog-free for two years. While we had been a dog family for twelve years, a lot of our behaviors changed. As a result of this, we created a zone next to the exit door in my creative studio for some of the dog’s belongings. Everything that relates to her outdoor activities lives in this area: leashes, frisbees, hiking gear, a towel for drying her off when it’s wet out, etc. I keep a jar on the top of the storage shelves with treats for when I need them. It might not sound like a big deal but it has made one aspect of our lives just a little bit easier to manage.


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