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31 Day of Organized Living: Use Baskets to Corral Magazines

Organizing Magazines in a Basket

Magazine subscriptions can quickly get out of control, especially if you still have paper copies delivered to your house like I do. In addition, well intentioned friends and family members can now give gift subscriptions when they renew their own subscriptions so you might find yourself with more magazines than you know what to do with.

Instead of piling them up on end tables or storing them on a shelf, try putting them into a pretty basket that matches the decor of your room. The size of the basket is a personal choice, but I chose one that would fit several months worth of magazines and also had handles for ease of moving.

Our basket is large enough to split into “his and hers” sides. I try to put the newest issues on the bottom of my stack, and my husband puts whatever material he wants to read next on the top of his pile, which isn’t always magazines. Sometimes it’s article’s he’s printed off, or promotional material he’s brought home from work. It works for us, and that is the key. Whatever you choose and however you organize it, it needs to work for you.

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